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What is Fat Freezing?

Used and trending amongst celebrities, Cryolipolysis commonly known as Fat Freezing is a perfect treatment to permanently get rid of stubborn fat. Fat Freezing is a non -invasive non-surgical treatment that is ideal for Double Chins, Arms, Back Fat, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles and Men's Chests.

With treatments available for men and women, we strongly advise having a FREE consultation as treatments and results are dependent on various factors, such as age, medical history and lifestyle habits.

  • 35 years’ experience in the beauty industry

  • Fully qualified staff

  • State of the art machinery

What should I choose Fat Freezing?

  • No invasive techniques used
  • No anaesthesia or general anaesthetic required
  • No needles used
  • No surgery required
  • And much more
  • An ideal way to remove stubborn fat that diet and exercise alone cannot.

Before and after treatment.

How much will the treatment cost?

Our Fat Freezing treatments are available for £49.50 per area of the body.

We charge for two areas when treating Love Handles, Back Fat, Inner and Outer Thighs.


Treatment in progress


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